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Comprehensive Security & Law Enforcement Training


In today's world, law enforcement officers are faced with many challenges and situations that may require you to use force or verbal judo to defuse situations and neutralize threats. Reality-Based Training Group, LLC. (RBTG) offers comprehensive training regimens for officer survival and to transform good officers into great ones.

We cater to you, which is why we offer a broad range of training platforms that make it easy to meet your particular requirements. Our instructors have over 50 years of combined training experience, and we train approximately 1,000 protective security officers and special police officers each year. Flexible instructor scheduling allows us to easily respond to shifts in training priorities when you need us to.


Our instructors have decades of experience developing courses for a variety of customers. We have the ability to develop curricula and draft site/agency specific lesson plans based on job requirements, Statements of Work and Performance Work Statements. For instance, our use of force training includes scenario-based exercises. Specific curricula and lesson plans we have developed include the following.

  • ALERRT AAIR Instructor

  • Active Shooter Training

  • DCJS Shotgun Entry Level

  • DCJS Handgun Entry Level

  • DCJS Arrest Authority

  • Tactical Team Operations

  • DCJS Security Officer Core Subjects Entry Level

  • DCJS Advanced Handgun Entry Level

  • DCJS Private Investigator In Service

  • DCJS Private Investigator Entry Level

  • Virginia Armed Security Officer Training

  • District of Columbia Special Police Officer Instructor

  • Maryland Handgun Training

  • Maryland Armed & Unarmed Security Officer Training

  • DCJS Handgun Requalify

  • DCJS Shotgun Requalify

  • Patrol Operations

  • DCJS Advanced Handgun Requalify

  • DCJS Security Officer Core Subjects In Service

  • Conflict Negotiations

  • Maryland and Virginia Use of Force

  • Expandable Baton, Defensive Tactics, and Practical Handcuffing Training for Law Enforcement & Security Officers

  • Preventing Home Invasions

  • Mental Health

  • Swat School

  • First Aid, CPR, AED, Narcan

  • Honor Guard

  • Home Self-Defense

Office: (240) 714-3813

   Cell: (301) 787-3786
  Cell: (301) 440-4718

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Author Nia Young


Our Mission is to spread love, laughter and optimism

through engaging storytelling, community engagement, toy and food drives, etc. We invite you to take this amazing journey with us as we explore freedom that comes with endless possibilities.


Check out our wonderful children's books:


Ntombi's Beach Adventure and Ntombi's Happy Holiday Adventure

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Info: 240-381-4602

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